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Heart Disease

Dr. Razavi

Heart attacks kill thousands of people each day. Knowing how to react properly can save your life or the life of someone you love. Learning ways to avoid a heart attack or any form of heart disease in the first place may add even more years to your future. This website combines the efforts of doctors, featuring Dr. Tareneh Razavi the in-house doctor at Google, heart attack survivors and web site professionals to educate you about everything you might what to know about a heart attack and heart disease in an easy to follow format. Sections include warning signs prior to a heart attack, recognizing symptoms of a heart attack, what to do while having a heart attack, expectations in the hospital as a heart attack patient, heart disease treatments, recovery post heart attack, and heart disease prevention.

In a perfect world we would love every young person to read this site thoroughly regarding heart disease prevention and follow a lifestyle resulting eliminating the need for the sections on having a heart attack. In reality, people should find helpful information here no matter what stage they may be at in the time line of a heart attack or how they may be related to the heart attack patient.

Heart attack and heart disease information pages take the form of FAQs commonly known as Frequently Asked Questions. Most questions came from actual heart attack survivors with answers from medical doctors including Dr. Razavi.

We hope you find the answers you may be searching for here on our heart attack and heart disease information pages, but remember these sites should supplement what your own doctor may say and make you a more informed patient or caretaker. Never ignore your own physician’s advice to follow a suggestion made here. Each heart attack and each heart attack patient presents a unique situation. You and your doctor together should plan what works best for you. The more you know, however, the more you may take an active part in that process and the more you understand about heart attacks and heart disease the more likely you may be to follow procedures to improve your condition. Enjoy reading our heart attack and heart disease pages and best of luck to you!